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Sundried tomatoes

Sundried Tomato Almond Pesto Pizza

Sundried Tomato Almond Pesto Pizza Such an amazing collision of flavors in this pizza. The crispy thin crust goes so well with the delicious nutty pesto, salty prosciutto and pungent goat cheese. The balsamic honey reduction brings a balancing final sweet drizzle that pulls all the flavors together. If you are not fond of goat …

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Chipotle Jack Bacon Burgers

Chipotle Jack Bacon Burgers. Fantastically flavourful spicy burgers with oozing pockets of cheese and topped with plenty of bacon. THE burgers to serve on game day, especially for the Super Bowl. With grilling season heating up, our family will probably be eating more than our fair share of juicy burgers and these Chipotle Jack Bacon …

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