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NEW VIDEO RECIPE: Phyllo Chicken Prosciutto Margherita

Phyllo Chicken Prosciutto Margherita

Phyllo Chicken Prosciutto Margherita

Dinner party food should not be about you as the host being chained to the stove while your guests entertain themselves. My idea of a successful dinner party includes dishes that can be prepared almost completely in advance and require a minimum of attention except for plating and serving.

Today’s video recipe is a terrific example of how very easy it can be to accomplish that goal with confidence. You can have the phyllo wrapped pastry bundles prepared and placed on a baking sheet in the fridge hours in advance, ready yo pop into the oven when your guests arrive.

The tomato jam/compote can be prepared on the stove top or in the oven and quickly warmed up when ready to serve. A meat thermometer will take the guess work out of telling when the chicken is perfectly cooked.

When your guests cut into the crispy pastry, releasing the oozing cheese, they are sure to be impressed and will no doubt think that you put far more effort into the dish than is actually required.

The classic margherita flavors of tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese get joined by slightly salty, thinly sliced prosciutto ham which helps to season the chicken. When served with the naturally sweet tomato jam and perhaps a simple pasta primavera, it will be a menu your guests are sure to remember.

The roasted tomato jam can be prepared as a tomato compote on the stove top in a saute pan if you prefer. Just cook it down until most of the liquid is gone.

Put this one on your to-do list for the upcoming Holiday entertaining season.

Find the complete recipe for Phyllo Chicken Prosciutto Margherita by clicking here.

For iPhone, iPad and other mobile users who do not see the video load below please CLICK HERE.

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Tuesday 30th of December 2014

My husband is the usual chef in our house, but our teen daughters followed in his footsteps today with this recipe from your book. It was a beautifully presented dish, not complicated, and VERY delicious! This is their second meal using Rock Recipes in two days. Yesterday was the pasta with leftover turkey- another hit. Can't wait to see what they whip up tomorrow!!

Barry C. Parsons

Wednesday 31st of December 2014

So glad that they are getting such great use from my book already. I've already started on book number 2 for 2015!

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