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Sweet Mustard Sauce

Sweet Mustard Sauce. A quick and easy salad dressing type sauce that can be used to drizzle over your favourite potato salad or as a dip for veggies.

Sweet Mustard Sauce shown in small crystal glass jug

Sweet Mustard Sauce

Originally published Jan. 2019.

I am posting this Sweet Mustard Sauce by request, to usher in the New Year! WELCOME 2019! It is a very simple recipe that I almost didn’t post until prompted by several followers recently.

It came up again in conversation just a couple of days ago when I had family in for our annual post Christmas “Cold Plate Day”. My Uncle Bill was there and I mentioned that, as a child,  I remembered him making it. 

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People around the table shared where they had first seen this recipe for sweet mustard sauce. My sister Barb remembers our grandmother Belinda Morgan making it. My mom and her twin sister Muriel, said it was most likely from a recipe from her cousin Aunt Martha Ledrew in Cupids.

Sweet Mustard Sauce just stir and serve.. Ingredients shown stirred together in measuring cup.

Sweet Mustard Sauce just stir and serve.

My own recollection.

I recalled having sweet mustard sauce at visits to friends in central Newfoundland in the Grand Falls area. Spouse recalled her grandmother, Jane Way making it in Newtown, Bonavista Bay many years ago.

Spouse remarked that her Nan Way’s sweet mustard sauce was very thin and more pourable compared to the thicker consistency that I make it. She also remarked that they used in on other potato salads than the mustard salad I most often remember it on.

Sweet Mustard Sauce shown on Mustard salad as part of a Newfoundland Cold Plate.

The finishing touch for a great cold plate.

Several times in years past, and even more recently, I have been asked for this recipe and thought it not worth bothering with as a recipe post. I generally replied to inquires, that it is basically, salad dressing, milk, sugar and mustard combined in whatever amounts you like best.

After our dinner this week though, I realized that this sweet mustard sauce is more common than I think. It has to have quite a history of being made routinely for Sunday cold plate suppers over the years.

It is still only made with salad dressing, milk, sugar and mustard, but this recipe will give you a starting point to tailor your own version of sweet mustard sauce.

Start with the base amount of salad dressing (Miracle Whip) and add more or less sugar for sweetness. Add more or less mustard to control the intensity of flavour, or add more milk to make it a more pourable consistency.

Whether you are trying this for the first time in years, or are newly discovering this simple recipe, it makes a tasty salad dressing for a green salad or a dip for veggies at parties too. In no time at all, you’ll be making this sweet mustard sauce just the way you like it.

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Sweet Mustard Sauce shown in small crystal glass jug
Sweet Mustard Sauce
Prep Time
5 mins
Sweet Mustard Sauce. A quick and easy salad dressing type sauce that can be used to drizzle over your favourite potato salad or as a dip for veggies.
Course: Condiment, sauces
Cuisine: American
Servings: 12 servings
Calories: 35 kcal
Author: Barry C. Parsons
  • 1/2 cup salad dressing i.e. Miracle Whip/Salad Cream
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 2 tablespoons yellow mustard
  1. Simply whisk all ingredients together until smooth and the sugar has dissolved.
Recipe Notes

This is only a basic recipe that you can adjust to suit your taste. Start with the 1/2 cup of salad dressing and you can increase or decrease any of the other ingredients to your liking.

The nutritional information provided is automatically calculated by third party software and is meant as a guideline only. Exact accuracy is not guaranteed. For recipes where all ingredients may not be used entirely, such as those with coatings on meats, or with sauces or dressings for example, calorie & nutritional values per serving will likely be somewhat lower than indicated.

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Thursday 27th of June 2019

Hello Barry

I made the musstard salad and sauce last weekend and it was just as I remembered Nan making. I tasted the sauce after I made it and said "Oh Ya, thats what I'm talkin about" lol Thank you for the recipe that I requested earlier.


Saturday 22nd of June 2019

I am from Grand Manan Island, NB and my Grand Mother made sweet mustard. She grew up in Digby County, NS. Her version was the same without Salad dressing and she used condensed milk. I must try your version. I usually eat mine with Ham or fried breakfast sausages. Love this site!! Lots of Newfoundlanders here so I have heard of the cold plate and a nice couple gave my Mom one while she was working one summer.

Lorna Kelly

Sunday 21st of April 2019

I have always done the same recipe as Joan Miller, with the vinegar and evaporated milk. Never fails.

Bonnie Coffin

Monday 14th of January 2019

Hi Barry My recipe is the same as yours, except I add just a touch oh vinegar. This is my hubby’s favourite with ham.

Carol Guite

Sunday 6th of January 2019

Happy New year. I loved this dressing on mustard salad as a child. My Nan made this often. I am glad that these old recipes are still alive and requested often. I noticed you mentiined Aunt Martha Ledrew from Cupids. Also my maiden name and my family came from Change Islands. Could we be related? Lol I love your recipes and several have become family favorites. Thank you so much for keeping many of the traditional recipes alive as well as new twists on old favorites.

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