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Top Ten Cheesecake Recipes. Now expanded to 40 recipes!

The top ten cheesecake recipes that have been most popular on over the last 15 years. Now expanded to 40 delectable recipes!

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Top Ten Cheesecake Recipes , now expanded to 40 RECIPES!

Originally published Nov 2014. 

I write in my new cookbook that I am an unrepentant dessert junkie. It really is true that I’m not much of a “volume” eater at dinner.

I rarely eat seconds of anything and if dessert is on the way, practically never.

There are many, many decadent desserts among the over 1800 recipes on this blog to date.  But, like so many others I have always been a sucker for a great cheesecake.

Smaller cheesecake portions.

There are a couple of mini cheesecake recipes and a couple of cheesecake bar recipes included in this list as well. Those recipes have been particularly popular on Rock Recipes as people seek to portion control their indulgent desserts.

Those ideas give a terrific alternative to baking an entire large cheesecake when you don’t need to serve a large crowd. It prevents the overindulgence we all know can happen with too much leftover cheesecake. 😉

I’ve never met a cheesecake I didn’t like but there are some that I very much prefer. I think you should start with a plain vanilla cheesecake if you are new to baking cheesecake. That will allow you to get a feel for how to bake one properly.

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Tips for our top ten cheesecake recipes

In my experience over baking is the biggest problem with cheesecakes.

What should really be a light and creamy texture is often left in the oven for too long. Often at too high a temperature as well and results in the cheesecake becoming to dry and dense.

Follow the bain marie method outlined in many of these recipes for best results. But even if you don’t use that water bath method, wrap the outside of the pan in a couple of layers of aluminum foil to buffer the direct heat.

Don’t bake at a temperature greater than 300-325 degrees F. The difference it makes to the creamy texture of your cheesecake is well worth the little extra time and effort.

Click on the recipe titles below to be taken to the individual recipes. For dozens more of our best cheesecake themed recipes from Brunch muffins to decadent showstopper desserts, please visit our Pinterest Cheesecake Board.

Now, the cheesecake recipes!

Top Ten Cheesecake Recipes, now expanded to 40 delectable recipes!

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Tuesday 21st of May 2019

I can’t believe your mini and regular sized ‘Turtle Cheese Cakes’ were not in the Top Ten.....I made both versions.....adding ganache to the larger....and was inundated with compliments.


Friday 28th of November 2014

All beautiful cakes. Thanks so much.

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